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When Inventing, Timing is EVERYTHING

We believe that all ideas are inspired by God. And when an idea comes around, you need to seize the day! 

Faith is now, the Bible says. We live in the present, not the past and not the future. 

We must learn that when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, we must move. Too often we feel the...

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"It was all started by a mouse" (Patents, Intellectual Property, Trademarks)

That’s what Walter Elias Disney said. And look at what his vision has grown into today. He was a genius in design and eventually, branding and product development. 

Rarely do you find something that has maintained its quality and appeal for over 60, dare I say 90 years (Happy 90th...

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Inventors - Is your work "enjoyable" or "dreadful"?

Do you like working and doing thing by the sweat of your brow? No, and you shouldn’t!  You were not made for that.

Or what about having all that the “world” says is successful (money, etc.) but no sense of fulfillment and satisfaction?

You were made to live a life of ...

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