[Interview] How God will lead you! Tom & Allison on The Greenelines Podcast

Back in March, just before the COVID-19 lock-down, Tom and Allison met, in the studio, with Dr. Steve Greene of Charisma Media and The Greenelines Podcast, for their second interview/podcast.

As the show notes say:  "Listen to how God will go before to make the path to fulfill the creative desire He has placed within you. Father-Daughter team and founders of Invent Shine, Tom and Allison Cartwright encourage you to seek God to know the plans and believe He will bring you the divine connections needed to bring it to fruition."

You will be blessed to hear how God will lead and guide you in your business - especially with your God-given, God-inspired ideas.

Listen to it below:

This fun and informative conversation is only 40 minutes and definitely worth your time!



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We can't wait to help you move forward with your ideas.

All the best,
The Invent Shine Team


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