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Empowering Ideas eBook

In this book, you will learn the following and so much more:

> How Tom started on his invention journey and how God opened doors of opportunity.
> See how God will direct YOUR steps.
> Receive knowledge and confidence in the inventing process.
>Become motivated to move your invention idea forward with great expectancy!
>Ideas that are pursued build faith, prosperity and make life more enjoyable!

This book is a NEW perspective on inventing and will inspire you to ACTION!


Flight Plan

-Learn about the 5 Key Stages of Inventing

-Be encouraged and equipped that if God has called you, YOU can do this!

-Begin to understand what's involved in protecting your idea and designing it for success

-Real life examples of other inventors: products brought to market and how they did it

-Overview of the marketing and financial tools required

-Contains: 6 videos and note pages for each video section


Launch Pad Analysis

-UNIQUE Invention Evaluation: Learn how to evaluate your own idea!

-This program is easy to use, but also VERY thorough!

-Includes 8 Launch Stages - a 61 page workbook with Instructional Videos for you to evaluate your idea, on your own, at your pace!

-Your own personal NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your "valuable" idea from being easily stolen.

-Learn how to do a basic patent search

-Apply specific legal, marketing and developmental aspects to your idea/product.

-This is a "hands on" and practical guide for you to evaluate your idea and determine the next steps.

-FREE Strategy Call - where you will be able to discuss how to chart the next step of your journey.