"Wholeness Rising" Allison Cartwright, Contributing Author

"What a honor and privilege it was to contribute to this wonderful book, Wholeness Rising, along side 26 women - who are leaders in their fields."
                                                                                         -Allison Cartwright

Allison, one of the founders of Invent Shine, was a contributing author to the book, Wholeness Rising. She wrote specifically about, "Wholeness In Her Career" and how the three KEYS of Faithfulness, Failure, and Focus, will help you accomplish much in the workplace. 

Again, this book was written by Allison and 26 other women, and this resource was created for YOU, with a prayer that it will usher wholeness into every area of your life.

Each chapter in Wholeness Rising addresses a different area for you to grow in- friendships, emotions, relationship with food, overcoming childhood hurts, your faith walk, and so many more.

This book plus all six freebies are only $18. Here’s what you receive:

  • Devotional Companion
  • Wholeness Checklist
  • Racial Reconciliation Video Roundtable
  • Boundaries Video Roundtable
  • Ticket to Breaking Body Bondage Summit
  • Ticket to Women's World Wholeness Summit

    All that PLUS an invitation to a Wholeness Community Facebook Group!

So, get your copy of Wholeness Rising and much, much more, today by clicking HERE.

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