Why we celebrate you... the Inventor!

Today, we celebrate YOU!
February 11th is National Inventors' Day.

As a valued part of our Invent Shine community, and with knowing that God has given you an idea (or ideas), we celebrate all the I N V E N T O R S in our world.


No matter the status of your idea, whether it's still in your mind or if you have given it life, we want to celebrate you today!

We have been honored and humbled to work with
so many amazing and talented clients.

The stories and ideas are as varied and fun as the talented people, like you, God has inspired with His ideas!

These idea concepts range from starting a particular business to building software, to actual physical items for the home.

The creativity of ideas is ENDLESS. 
Just like our God!

Of course, our favorite inventor has to be our founder, Tom Cartwright.

He loves to tinker around in his "garage office", bringing God-inspired ideas to life!

Actually, just this week, he told me about how after we discussed a problem last Friday, he woke up one morning and God had given him a vision/dream of how to solve the connection with a current product we are working on.

God is always bringing new changes and improvements to Tom's mind, as well as brand new ideas. (PS. God will do the SAME for you!)

From the beautiful Antigua ceiling fan blade, to the revolutionary multi-patented Ultimate Slate Pool Table, to medical bathing systems and LED lighting design inventions and more, we are thankful Tom follows the leading of Holy Ghost when it comes to ideas!

The Antigua Ceiling Fan

 Over the years, we have worked with many wonderful clients:  ♦ a plumber with a fantastic idea for the bathroom  ♦ a social working with an idea to help families  ♦ a retired engineer with a clothing idea  ♦ a healthcare aid with a beauty productand many more!

Was your idea included in those I mentioned above?If not, then what are you waiting for???

You can start today by clicking HERE to learn more and receive a FREE GIFT too. Find out if your idea has what it takes!

When you wake up tomorrow, the idea or business won't magically be sitting on your kitchen table ready to take to market.

However, I can tell you this:-God will be with you every step of the way.-It was His idea to begin with.-Believe that He will continue to provide the answers for you to make it happen.-He is waiting for you to step out and start!

We believe in you and we are praying for you.You can be the inventor you always dreamed you could be!

Creatively Yours,
Allison (and Tom & the Invent Shine Team)


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