Velcro inventor inspired by nature

You'll never guess how this was invented! George De Mestral used to hike in the woods of his native Switzerland and would always get burdock "burrs" on his clothing, and on his dog's fur.
He was intrigued and wondered how they attached! After some years of research & development, he finally mastered it and VELCRO was invented!
Mr. De Mestral named his revolutionary invention after the French words “Velour” for velvet, and “Crochet” for hook. He first patented this in Switzerland, and the U.S. Patent 2,717,437 was filed on October 15, 1952.
So, the next time you are amazed by something, whether out in nature, or sitting on your bed.... TAKE ACTION with that idea and you may just revolutionize the future of the whole world! Just like George.....

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Happy hiking and happy thinking!


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