Take advantage of Trade Shows!

January, among other times throughout the year, is known for having an abundance of wholesale tradeshows and marketplace events, in every type of industry.

Here are Tom and Allison at a January market for home goods, furnishings and  decorations.


As an innovative creator or businessperson - no matter what your industry - you want to make sure to stay “on trend” with what is happening!

You want to know what is on the horizon, so you can position yourself for success. This is true whether your industry is plumbing or healthcare or lighting or clothing or another.


Due to Covid-19, many of these industry shows have moved online this year, so it is easier than ever to see the latest styles without having to travel to another state - saving you time and money!

Even though this does eliminate the unique “person to person” connections, there is still much to learn and the "in-person times" will come soon enough.

In the meantime, while most markets are online, be sure to take advantage and GROW your ideas and business.

Find out what associations, conferences and tradeshows are taking place in your industry and gain new inspiration for direction and improvement on your ideas!

Here are a few example of associations and tradeshows that you would look for, depending on your field, of course. Visiting some of the market center website you can find out what type of shows and when. Or by visiting specific industry sites, you can see when and where their market will be.

-https://www.americasmart.com/  - Atlanta market

-https://www.wmclv.com/ - Las Vegas Market

-http://www.ua.org/ - United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry

-https://alalighting.com/ - Lighting Association

-https://www.nsacct.org/home - Accounting

and so many more! Just look them up.


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