Tom & Allison on "Authentic Real Talk with Ray Salem"

Tom and Allison were guests on "Authentic Real Talk LIVE with Ray Salem"!

Ray hosts weekly interviews and asked Tom and Allison how they started out as entrepreneurs with "real" questions about their journey.

We especially loved this interview because Ray is also a first time inventor.

He just had a "regular job", and one day God gave him an idea and Ray moved on it!  His idea, this invention, has now taken off and become wildly successful!

This was a great time (about 45 minutes) where Tom, Allison and Ray share how God is with you, God is for you, and wants to guide you on your invention journey.

You don't want to miss this talk - check it out today (click the video image with play button above).

We love you and are praying for you,
The Invent Shine Team

PS. Be sure to get your FREE copy of Tom's eBook, "Empowering Ideas" by clicking HERE.


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