Scrub Daddy - Who would have thought?

You may be thinking, but I'm not an "inventor"! "I don't have a degree in engineering." "I'm just a electrician," or "I'm just a school teacher"... 
So what?! Don't be dismayed - ANYONE, and we mean, anyone, can have a great idea that makes money. 
It's just the right idea, with the right hard work, in the right order, at the right time (with the God Factor applied, of course!) .
The Scrub Daddy is basically an ordinary kitchen sponge but WOWZERS!... did it do well! 
What are some of your favorite odd or quirky "invented" products that you love to use? 
We are here to help you SAFELY and SUCCESSFULLY navigate your ideas on the invention journey. So get started today! Find out about our special offers and get a free gift by clicking HERE


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