The Stone Mountain Ice Cream Maker

As I write this blog post, it's the the middle of summer.

The air is hot.Kids are out of school.Perfect timing to find ways of keeping cool.

One of our family traditions for Independence Day (or Tom's birthday in July) is homemade ice cream.

Tom bought a White Mountain ice cream maker when he was 19 years old and he has kept it in such great condition that we still use it today. It's a family tradition!

From old to young, you'd better take your turn churning or you won't be allowed to eat! Haha!

We (and by that I mean Tom and older kids) layer the ice along with rock salt, and then as the ice melts, you keep filling up with more ice, salt, etc.

We start with the youngest kids first because, again, everyone must take turn, and it's much easier in the beginning - for as the ice cream hardens, it becomes more difficult to crank.


The result is definitely worth the effort and we are always fighting over second helpings!

PS. We like to make peppermint ice cream - our favorite.

This past July 4th had me thinking about the QUALITY of products.The REPUTATION of products.The VALUE of products.

As a businessperson (or inventor), you want to bring these three things to your ideal clientele, if you want them to:   A) purchase your product    B) become a repeat purchaser

You may wonder... "What if my product is of such good quality that I won't sell more than one to a person for years - won't that limit my sales?"


Just like this White Mountain ice cream maker, I like to think that if your product is so well designed and functioning, that word of mouth will spread and business will boom.

I know if I ever need to buy an ice cream maker, for my own personal use, I would most definitely purchase from White Mountain (this is not an ad, I'm just stating my opinion).

These days "QUALITY - REPUTATION - VALUE" in products are hard to find.

Dishwashers and washing machines used to last for 20-30 years, now they last barely last for 5-10 years - what a shame.

Founded in 1853, the White Mountain company uses New England White Pine used to handcraft the buckets (for generations).
Today, they also sell electric ice cream makers, if the hand-crank style doesn't quite fit your idea of a good time. In either version is a uniquely designed, twin-blade "dasher" which mixes the ice cream in two ways at the same time (though I could not verify that they have it patented).

Regardless, for a company's product to last over 150 years is impressive.

I encourage you to take a look at your product/idea/service and see how you can implement these three features to it stand the test of time.

Have a wonderful day,and go eat some ice cream!



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