Keys For a Successful Launch!

Launching a new product, idea or business, is just as important as the development that goes on behind the scenes.

Now, there are many different methods and strategies to choose but most importantly you must pick one and IMPLEMENT it!

♦ The only sure way to fail at a launch is to not PLAN one. ♦


A quick story that I found very entertaining - and with creative "out of the box" thinking - for a product launch was done by WePay, a new app payment company trying to compete with PayPal.

PayPal had received some negative publicity regarding an issue with accounts being frozen, so during PayPal's annual developer conference, WePay dropped off a huge block of ice with frozen money and a message inside: PayPal Freezes Your Accounts (see the picture below).

Talk about about a way to get noticed!
Within hours, the pictures, and their company name, was all over the internet.

Now, the word "launch" makes my mind think of....
- the "point of no return"
- of actually moving forward, with things happening
- the result of all my preparation...

We want you to be prepared so here are a few keys to having a successful launch.

Layout or map out a timeline of when the launch will take place and then list out the steps you want to take and WHEN they need to happen.
(PS. You don't want to overwhelm your audience but you want to make sure they are informed.)

-First, list the steps needed to make sure your product or business is ready to go on launch day. (For example: will you need 3 months of preparation?)
-Second, map out the steps needed for your marketing and advertising. (For example: will 30 days of promotion be enough?)

Make sure that you are covering "all your bases"! You are going to want to promote and advertise in every area possible to receive the most visibility.

- Your website: this includes emails to your mailing list, newsletters, blog posts, etc.). So much can be done in your own network.
- Your "outside" business network: association contacts/websites, industry event press releases, etc.
- Social media: some options to consider are Facebook posts, paid FB ads, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, paid Instagram posts, Twitter posts, LinkedIn Posts, etc.

Think of the bees that buzz from flower to flower. You want to access every networking opportunity available to promote your new product.

- Schedule an interview on a podcast in your industry or area.
- Write short articles about your "new offering" for these same websites/publications.
- Approach YouTube channels for an interviews opportunities.

And be sure to reciprocate these opportunities, if asked.

Also, ask everyone you know (through your business/work) to share and share and share these posts, articles, etc. There is nothing like good, old-fashioned word of mouth!

Following these steps, plus doing what you know will work for YOUR business/niche will help you to successfully LAUNCH a new product or service or event or business!

Remember: always be prepared, BEFORE-hand.

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