Our Founder, Tom Cartwright, featured on 'The 700 Club'


Hello friends!

What a privilege to have our Founder, Tom Cartwright, featured on a story by "The 700 Club." 

We are excited to finally! share the story (which was aired on January 21st) and was produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The story is titled: Business Failure and Money Troubles Were No Match
for God’s Restoration Plan

Watch the short video (approx 4 minutes) to hear Tom, and his wife Anna, talk about the goodness and faithfulness of God!
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Why not share this and help build the faith of those you know who may be struggling financially, have lost a bit of hope....  or just send it to bless someone with this story of the faithfulness of God!

We pray you are inspired that God will do the same for you.


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