Barbie: Billions sold!

This weekend is the premiere of the "Barbiemovie and I thought it was a perfect time to highlight the inventor of the "Barbie" doll, Mrs. Ruth Handler.

Ruth, along with her husband, Elliot, and one other partner (Harold Mattson), founded Mattel in the 1940's. (Fun Fact: the company name comes from the combination of both first names "Matt" and "El").

As designers and engineers, they started out making plastic furniture, which eventually turned into toy furniture (during WWII) and then, they completely transitioned to toys.

Up until that time, little girls played with "baby dolls" and the thought of playing with a "grownup" doll did not exist.

According to Mattel, this is how Ruth came up with idea for "Barbie" in the early 1950's:  -Ruth would see her daughter playing dress up with her paper-dolls.  -She had the idea that playing with grown-up dolls would help girls imagine what they might be when they grew up.

Of course, when the iconic "Barbie" doll was created, she was named for Ruth's daughter, Barbara.


We can learn a few important lessons from Ruth.

Ruth took a CHANCE.Ruth challenged what was considered "normal".Ruth challenged the way things had always been done.

Specifically, people were resistant to the idea that a doll should have the "anatomy" of a grown women.

Well, the toy debuted at the Toy Fair in New York City in 1959 as you are aware, "Barbie" was a resounding success.

Ruth was the President of Mattel from 1945–1974.

A visionary and creative at heart, later in her life, Ruth was diagnosed with breast cancer and through this experience she invented again.

"Due to difficulties in finding a good breast prosthesis, Handler decided to make her own." (Wikipiedia).

She founded a new company which created more a realistic version of a woman's breast and this invention became so popular, even First Lady Betty Ford was personally fitted for one.

I encourage you today to take that vision/dream - whether it's for a doll or a business idea - and pursue it!

Start moving in that direction.

God wants to help you however you must be willing to start doing the work.

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