When Inventing, Timing is EVERYTHING

We believe that all ideas are inspired by God. And when an idea comes around, you need to seize the day! 

Faith is now, the Bible says. We live in the present, not the past and not the future. 

We must learn that when the Holy Spirit speaks to us, we must move. Too often we feel the leading of the Holy Spirit and we ignore it, or think, "oh, that's just my mind" or "I'll do it later". 

To become more sensitive to His voice, we must move... ACT when we feel led, or we feel the prompting. 

This is why, as Christians, it is vitally important that we spend time daily in the Word, reading and fellow-shipping with the Holy Spirit. This is how we come to know His voice, His personality, so that when He does speak to us, we KNOW and we are READY to move.

So, listen..and the next time He speaks to you... MOVE!

You'll be surprise how much easier it will be the next time, and the next time, and how much clearer you will hear Him.

xo, Allison

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