"It was all started by a mouse" (Patents, Intellectual Property, Trademarks)

That’s what Walter Elias Disney said. And look at what his vision has grown into today. He was a genius in design and eventually, branding and product development. 

Rarely do you find something that has maintained its quality and appeal for over 60, dare I say 90 years (Happy 90th Mickey!). He's been trademarked for quite some time.

Walt had a dream. He believed in that dream. He inspired those around him to build the dream, as well.

You have got to know that your idea... YOUR DREAM (your invention idea, your product idea) has been given to you by God, and with that knowing, you boldly move forward, overcoming any obstacle.

Did Walt Disney encounter any obstacles? Of course, he did! Any great accomplishment usually has to overcome great obstacles. No one rises to the top without them.

Just what were some of Mr. Disney’s obstacles, you ask?

  • Well, his first successful cartoon character was technically owned (copyrighted) by another studio… and therefore Walt decided to walk away from it. Do any of you remember Oswald the Lucky Rabbit? I didn’t think so!  Walt needed some real invention help ideas after that!
  • In the early 1920’s, Walt’s first company went bankrupt, and later in 1937, during production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, his studio was on the verge of bankruptcy for a 2nd time...
  • There were employee strikes… 

You name it, he faced it! But Walt had a vision and kept pursuing it, pushing through any obstacles.

And, personally, I am so thankful for his diligence. Even today, the ideas and standards he started years ago, are still in practice at Disney companies and theme parks around the world.

And to me, these theme parks are truly the “happiest place on earth”.

Just like Walt, dream BIG with your IDEA…. and don’t give up.
It all started with a mouse, and it can all start with YOU!

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