Working 9 to 5... ?!?!

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019

Do you like working by the sweat of your brow? No, and you shouldn’t!  You were not made for that.

Or what about having all that the “world” says is successful (money, etc.) but no sense of fulfillment and satisfaction?

You were made to live a life of worship that points to God and Jesus and salvation.

God wants you to live a life where HE provides EVERYTHING for you – like in the Garden of Eden.

God told me that He is TIRED of his people getting ripped off by the world – the worlds system. The worlds way of doing things.

The ideas that God has given most Christians are being taken from them, or being wasted away, NEVER brought to fruition.

I want to teach you how to navigate this invention journey!

                Body, soul and spirit.

Body  - you need to physically make calls, talk to manufacturers, etc.

Soul – you have a mind, will, emotions, to do research and make intelligent decisions.

Spirit – God wants you to be led by His Spirit. He has a path laid out. You need to ASK Him, FIND it and FOLLOW. Be led by His Spirit.

You can’t move out of fear, you must move out of Faith!

There is some work for you to do, but you must also REST knowing that He will provide the things you need to do the work. He will provide.

Now, let’s get started…..


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