2022! Time for some (good) changes RE: emails

Happy First Tuesday of 2022!

Are you excited for the NEW YEAR? We are!

We are expectant that God will do great things through us, through you and through the body of Christ.

We also have some small changes we wanted to mention in regards to our weekly emails and social media.

Firstly, we are so thankful for YOUR support and love over the years and we are excited about all the NEW ways we all will grow this year!


Normally, we send out a Tuesday (encouraging) email every single week.We also send out a Fun Fact Friday every other week.

Sooooo..... drumroll please....

We are going to mix that up a little and move the encouraging emails from Tuesday to every other Thursday.... introducing you to "Thoughtful Thursday"!


Four days ago you received a Fun Fact Friday email, so this week you will receive a Thoughtful Thursday email.

***It's important to note that you are still receiving weekly emails from us, we are just switching up the order.***

We pray these weekly emails will continue to BLESS and ENCOURAGE and EQUIP you!

Of course, you should also be following along on social media for even more and different weekly updates and information :)

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We pray you will continue to be blessed and benefit from this wisdom and insight, as we are blessed by gathering and refining it for you.

Again, we are thrilled about the future that God has for each one of us in this coming year.

We are honored and humbled that you chose to join us on this wonderful journey of adventure with God.

THANK YOU, and Creatively Yours,
Tom, Allison and the Invent Shine Team


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